Moving On

I know I have said this before somewhere, but I have to deal with it on so many levels that it bears repeating.  Teach your horse to move.  Almost every problem I encounter stems from the horse not going.  A horse’s innate desire should be to move.  Rearing, bucking, shying and running away have been made desirable by the words no and don’t go.  I realize poor fitting gear, bad feet  and genetics can make a horse sore or unresponsive,and lead to the above list of malcontents.  But they still relate to a lack of mobility.  Riders need to find a way to feel comfortable with making a horse move.  Sometimes we are so concerned with safety that we sacrifice the horse and create a different kind of danger down the road. Riders lulled into thinking they are okay as long as the horse is slow are dangerous riders.  Horses held in and subdued by other riders are uncomfortable or just plain tuned out.


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